Flywheel Training in Fitness Clubs and Gyms

Flywheel Training in Fitness Clubs and Gyms
For any serious fitness clubs and gyms looking to offer truly effective, science-based equipment and methods just like professional sports teams or physiotherapy clinics, the kBox and kPulley have become an indispensable addition to their facilities.

Complimentary towels aside, offering flywheel training shows your members you’re providing the best workout there is.

Towards this goal, fitness clubs and gyms typically start by adding a limited number of flywheel training devices to their offering to increase demand for personal training services, or invest from the start in a multi-unit setup for group sessions and general usage.

Perform Better are the exclusive suppliers of Exxentric products in the UK and offer full training on the devices during the purchasing process, allowing PT's to be completely up to speed with flywheel training.


The kBox and kPulley can be used in a gym to perform standard training, rehabilitation or more sports-specific drills depending on the member’s goals. Once members complete an orientation session with a trainer and are shown how to use the device, they’ll be able to perform a large variety of flywheel exercises to cater to their training programme.

Alternatively, gyms can offer the use of the kBox or kPulley exclusively with personal training packages. This can entice members to sign up with a PT, an attractive prospect for fitness clubs where PT clients make up a large proportion of revenue.

A common frustration of many gym goers is having to wait for the piece of equipment that they want e.g. all of the squat racks being used. By using the kBox, members are able to perform most of their entire training programme on the one device, including both upper and lower body as well as core exercises. No longer do they have to swap between machines to perform supersets.

Flywheel training is perfect for clients going through rehabilitation as they are still able to perform strength training whilst limiting the resistance applied or restrict their range of movement if required.

The kMeter feedback unit can be used by staff for member assessment in their initial induction appointment and also to check progress of strength and power during training packages. Full training is available from Perform Better for staff.


Fitness clubs and gyms often have limited amounts of room and equipment can consume valuable floor space. It is beneficial to have a single machine that works upper and lower body as well as the trunk all on the one device. The kPulley is incredibly space efficient as it attaches to the wall and also can be used to perform a large variety of exercises.

The kBox and kPulley provide a point of difference that members often enjoy having, something new that they don’t see in standard gyms that will give them an extra edge to their training. It will also help to retain current members who may be considering taking their business elsewhere.

If it becomes known by physiotherapists that a certain gym has a kBox they may refer patients specifically to the gym or build a relationship where they perform treatment/training sessions with their patients inside the club, building business. It can also add a performance element to the gym which can attract high level clients as well as general fitness enthusiasts.

By incorporating flywheel training, it may lead to clients seeking out personal training sessions to learn how to use the device, increasing the use of PTs and revenue for the club.


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