Go Limitless, Go Eccentric, Go Anywhere: Now Launching the kPulley Go

Go Limitless, Go Eccentric, Go Anywhere: Now Launching the kPulley Go
Taking another strong step in flywheel training innovation, Exxentric are proud to reveal their next, much anticipated, gravity-defying flywheel training device – the kPulley Go. CEO Fredrik Correa gets going on all the details: 

"Our latest move in the flywheel training journey is launching our next-generation flywheel training device, the kPulley Go, designed for serious strength training. With robust construction and the smoothest of actions, it’s built for heavy athletic training – and thanks to its variable resistance, is suitable for all user levels.


When celebrating the decade in flywheel training, we wanted to make available a device that will satisfy the need for a portable version of our kPulley2 device from our existing users, the #ExxentricFam.

Over the years, we have seen the kPulley2 being installed in endlessly creative ways and in all sorts of environments. The kPulley2 is designed to be permanently installed in one fixed place, therefore, our team of engineers decided to meet the demand for a truly portable device by developing the ultimate version of the kPulley for serious strength training.

We also wanted to make it easier for users to bring a kPulley device outdoors. Easy to unpack, set up, and start training with, it can be strapped to any strong robust rack or pole, or even a tree. The kPulley Go is the ultimate on-the-go flywheel training device.


Our first-ever hand-held flywheel training device, the kPulley Go is our smallest yet most versatile training device to date. Offering smooth and effective strength training, the kPulley Go allows for push and pull, and rotational actions to allow for serious strength training. The neat yet robust design gives you a wide spectrum of movement freedom and a smooth training experience.

The device’s movements are responsive. It follows very smoothly the direction in which the user pulls for a very stable feel, both in the concentric and the eccentric phase of the movement."

The kPulley Go offers great value due to its versatility, adaptability and minimal size.

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