Introducing - FLEX

Introducing - FLEX
The GymAware FLEX is the latest piece of cutting-edge sport technology to be introduced into the fitness and leisure markets within the UK by Perform Better.

Having been produced by the same company behind the world’s most scientifically validated lineal positional transducer - “GymAware” the FLEX unit comes from great pedigree and offers users a healthy balance between highly accurate data collection and a seamless, easy to use application.

Unlike traditional wireless velocity collection devices, FLEX doesn’t use accelerometers to collect its data, instead it uses 16 laser optics to measure vertical displacement from the closest surface (Ceiling or floor). By avoiding accelerometers and still using displacement measures the FLEX can report more accurately and consistently than other wireless devices, whilst also working extremely well in your more complex lifts such as Olympic lifts, jumps or other ballistic movements.

The FLEX is great for anyone looking to measure their own or their client’s performance in the weight room and can really add value to a persons programming and/or goal setting.
So how is the FLEX Used?

The FLEX device is lightweight and extremely portable, fitting into most training bag or rucksack, ideal for when you’re on the move. The Unit is designed to fit onto any barbell and can be adjusted using a simple “twist” mechanism. The FLEX is held in place with high grade magnets and can be tightened using the same twist mechanism to avoid the device coming off during more ballistic movements or dumping of the barbell.

Once on the Bar the device connects to any IOS device, via a free application available on the app store, “FLEX Stronger” can be used by individuals looking to track their own data or by personal trainers/coaches looking to track the progress of their clients.

Simply set yourself up an account using an email address and select the exercise you wish to perform, from here the FLEX does all the work for you by feeding back in real time your data on every repetition. The data given includes Velocity (Mean & Peak), Vertical Displacement, Height, Dip and Power, all of which can be tracked, analysed and reported for every repetition, set or session.
Benefits for Personal Trainers and Clients:

Having the ability to easily access objective data in real time or post set/session can add real value to both personal trainers and clients. From a client’s perspective it allows them to easily see progression in the weight room, whether this be strength increases, load increases or simply technique increases highlighted on the FLEX’s live bar path trace. For trainers - enhance your clients motivation by giving them clear progressive numeric goals to achieve and track their progress to achieving these using the FLEX device. Enhance competency by coaching them through technical lifts using bar path technology and round all this off with easy to view reports straight to their phone.

For trainers and coaches the FLEX offers the ability to add huge value to your programming and time spent with the client. Programming can be enhanced and individualised to each client, pushing them on good training days and reducing load but maximising results on days they aren’t at their best. With the FLEX trainers can also track data of clients even when they are not in the room with them, by linking the clients FLEX device to the trainers phone the data can be shared and analysed ahead of their next 1 to 1 session, maximising results and planning. Easy to access longitudinal data can then be analysed by the trainer and client to adjust goals/targets for the next training phase, maximising both trainer and client efficiency.
Integrating FLEX into your facility:

Whether you own a small boutique facility or a multi-site health and leisure club, the FLEX can be integrated into your facility with ease. For Boutique fitness the FLEX can be used as part of the PT’s elite programming group and brought into 1 to 1 session to maximise results. Alternatively, the FLEX can be stored next to the lifting areas, each tracked by a unique ID number and members can optionally use the system in a session.

For larger general population facilities, the FLEX comes with a Multi-FLEX charging station that has locking capabilities. Members can rent a unit from behind reception, be given a key or code to unlock the charging station to their FLEX unit and returned once the unit has been put back.

To fully digitalise your lifting area why not offer the ability to live stream data to TV’s situated behind the lifting rigs/racks and even have the option of the clients data to be entered onto the leader board built within the FLEX application. The FLEX offers the ability for club owners to revolutionise their training and lifting culture whilst adding great value to their PT programmes.

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