Kinesiology Taping Techniques

Kinesiology Taping Techniques
All you need is a sharp pair of scissors. Learn how to apply Kinesiology Tape using the Neutral or Stretch techniques without touching the glue for longer lasting applications.

MUSCLE TECHNIQUE - Stretch the MUSCLE but not the tape. This technique is used to create lifts in the skin over a large surface area. Predominately for muscle strains and tightness. Put the muscle on stretch and then stick the whole length of tape down without stretching it.

STRETCH TECHNIQUE - Stretch the TAPE but not the muscle. Used over specific points of pain to create the greatest possible skin lift on that area. Reducing pressure on the pain receptors and relieving pain. Remove the centre piece of backing paper and stick the tape down with a moderate stretch. The recoil of the tape creates the lift.

REMOVAL TECHNIQUE SPORTTAPE - Kinesiology Tape has been designed for sport. This means it has an Extra Sticky adhesion which is good news for how long your application is going to last, but bad news when it comes to removal. However, don't be afraid! To remove the tape, stretch the skin under the tape and peel the tape away (in the direction of any hair) whilst maintaining pressure on the tape. The video shows you how.

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