Perform Better make step forward in becoming carbon neutral with Stump Up For Trees

Perform Better make step forward in becoming carbon neutral with Stump Up For Trees
Warwickshire based Perform Better UK have donated 220 trees to be planted in the Brecon Beacons by community charity organisation Stump Up For Trees. The donation equates to counteracting the carbon impact of all Perform Better’s vehicles, including their fleet of company cars and delivery vans.

Stump Up For Trees is an ambitious, community-based charity focused on woodland creation and enhancing biodiversity in the Brecon Beacons. The charity is planting one million trees, using innovative public-private funding initiatives, such as Perform Better UK.

Perform Better have been focusing on eco-friendly business practices in recent years, introducing several initiatives within their marketing activity to shift to a greener way of working. Notably changing to sustainable forest paper for their catalogue, with the final product being fully recyclable, and mailing efforts moved to paper-based solutions rather than the traditional plastic wrap.

Andrew Erskine, Trustee for Stump Up For Trees said: “With the help of Perform Better’s donation we can achieve our principal aim of planting One Million Trees. It will also help our advancement of environmental improvement through promoting and enabling the planting and successful management of trees and development of diverse natural habitats. Together we hope we can truly make a difference for all.”

Mark Gladwin, Director, Perform Better UK added: “Over the past three years we have been pushing towards reducing our carbon footprint at Perform Better, and this is the next step in achieving our target. We are proud to be a part of the Stump Up For Trees project, and will be continuing our work with them into 2022.”

Perform Better are the UK’s most innovative supplier of Performance Monitoring and Training Equipment specialising in meeting the needs of the Professional Sports, Education and University markets in the UK and Europe.

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