Perform Better Ltd are proud to announce a new distribution agreement with Vald Performance from Australia to distribute their product range in the UK and Ireland. Vald’s range of equipment includes the Nordbord Hamstring Testing System, Groinbar Hip Strength Testing System and Humantrak Movement Analysis System. Vald have recently announced the acquisition of NMP Technologies- manufacturers of the Forcedecks range of force platforms which is now part of the Vald portfolio. Perform Better have been UK Distributors of the Forcedecks range for the past two years and have been working closely with them to develop the UK market.

Vald Performance systems are being used by 18 of the 20 English Premier League teams, as well as 18 NFL teams, 9 NBA teams and 15 AFL teams plus a number of research institutions around the world. These organisations rely on the Vald Athlete Testing systems for screening, monitoring, rehabilitating and training their athletes.

Laurie Malone, CEO of Vald Performance said of the recent acquisition: “Much like Vald Performance’s existing measurement systems, ForceDecks has built a reputation in elite sport, research and clinical practice for successfully balancing a combination of evidence-based functionality with ease of use and is widely known in the elite sport arena as the world’s fastest, most intuitive and most powerful dual force plate system for analysing neuromuscular performance.”

On the new partnership with Perform Better in the UK: “Perform Better are established as the UK’s leading supplier of Performance Monitoring and training equipment in the Performance Sport, Physiotherapy and Education markets with over 10 years experience and a highly experienced and well qualified team. Vald are excited to have partnered with them in the UK and Ireland and look forward to working closely with them in the coming years to develop the Vald Performance business.”

Alastair Yule- Director of Perform Better Ltd- “We are delighted with the new relationship with Vald Performance and to be adding their range to our product line. We feel there is a huge amount of synergy between the two businesses and look forward to working with the Vald team. We have been working with Forcedecks for the past two years and feel with the backing and expertise of Vald, the product range will continue to develop.”

Part of the new agreement includes Vald having their UK Office and showroom at the Perform Better headquarters in Warwickshire.
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