Power Plate® Partners with Perform Better

Power Plate® Partners with Perform Better
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Power Plate®, the leaders in whole body vibration, are delighted to announce their new partnership with sports performance specialists, Perform Better.  The agreement will see Perform Better have exclusive rights to distribute Power Plate products in the elite sports market across the UK.

Athletes all over the world acknowledge that Power Plate provides a unique and key part of their training regimes. World Cup winners, Olympic medallists and Tennis Grand Slam holders are just some of the people using Power Plate as a highly effective tool to PREPARE faster, PERFORM better and RECOVER quicker.

“Activating muscles prior to a workout prepares the entire body for efficient movement, ready for any activity,” explains Steve Powell, Director of Education at Performance Health Systems, manufactures of Power Plate.  “Increasing blood flow and circulation afterwards allows muscles to recover faster, promotes relaxation and therefore optimizes results of the session, whilst also reducing DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and the potential for injury. Power Plate harnesses proven whole body vibration technology to deliver these results. It is a unique tool for facilities and trainers alike, providing an enhancement of both the training experience and results.”

“We are delighted to be working with Perform Better,” says David Williams, Head of UK Sales at Performance Health Systems.  “They have tremendous experience and expertise in their team as well as a great reputation within the marketplace”.

Mark Gladwin, Director of Perform Better UK said that he is proud to add Power Plate to their portfolio of Performance and Sports Science products.  “We are looking forward to working with Performance Health Systems to develop the brand further and grow the business in the Sports Performance sector. Power Plate products have always been very popular with our clients and we are excited about launching the Portable system into the market alongside the established Professional product. This addition allows vibration to be used as a warm up and cool down tool before and after games and whilst travelling."

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