The Best Home Workout Equipment Personal Trainers Swear By

The Best Home Workout Equipment Personal Trainers Swear By
When gyms and fitness studios closed across the country at the start of the pandemic, many people turned to home workouts to burn energy and stay in shape.

But it’s one thing to want to create a home gym, and something else entirely to actually make it happen. And that’s where plenty of people get stuck.

You should just focus on the stuff you need and will actually use on a consistent basis. Otherwise, you run the risk of some of your gear becoming expensive dust-catchers.

To help you choose the best home workout equipment for your preferred type of workout, we spoke to several certified personal trainers, a celebrity fitness instructor, a pair of triathletes and other bonafide exercise experts. Here is some of the best home gym equipment for keeping yourself in top shape.

Best Home Workout Equipment For Total Body Training

TRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension Training System

As long as you have a solid interior door, a hook screwed into a stud, or a sturdy tree branch, you can execute dozens of different exercises using TRX straps, every one of them tailored to suit your abilities in terms of strength and mobility.

Best Home Workout Equipment For Ballistic Training

PB Competition Kettlebells

Plenty of people love ballistic and strength training with kettlebells thanks to the weights’ versatility. While they can be used as free weights, kettlebells can also be easily swung or handled during jumping and explosive exercises.

Best Home Workout Equipment For Stability

Gym Ball

A balance ball can be a surprisingly versatile piece of equipment. You can use one to kick your planks and push-ups up a notch, and also sit on it to work your core while lifting weights. You can even use a balance ball to assist with abdominal exercises.

Best Home Gym Equipment For Balance Training

PB Sliders

Sliders like these can be used on carpeted or hard surfaces and can help with core training, strength training, and balance training, which enhances core and muscle strength in and of itself. Inexpensive and compact, Sliders are worth consideration even for only occasional use, and they can be tucked away pretty much anywhere.

Best Home Gym Equipment For Lower Body Training

Mini Bands

Resistance bands let you challenge yourself as much (or as little) as you want. For an easier workout, go with less resistance. For a harder workout, switch to a heavier-duty band. And to take it up even more, double the bands.

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