The Matt Hampson Foundation Day with a Sports Scientist

The Matt Hampson Foundation Day with a Sports Scientist

Perform Better's Sport Scientist Ross Manester gives his feedback on The Matt Hampson Foundation Event hosted by Perform Better.

The Matt Hampson Foundation Day was a really enjoyable and rewarding experience for me, not only from a company perspective , seeing all the people using our kit but also on a personal level to fully appreciate how great the foundation is in helping people through such a tough time.

The staff were extremely welcoming and inspiring , they really do put everything into making the foundation a very happy and enjoyable place to be whilst the people who attend are equally as inspiring and getting to know their journey was great.

I think a highlight of the day for me was speaking to the guys in the gym using the iso-inertial (flywheel) devices , it’s refreshing to hear such a great success story of this modality of training where the guys have found such great benefits to not only their sport performance but also to their enjoyment within the gym.

A lot of the research surrounding flywheel training highlights the benefits of getting greater muscle activation, enhanced hypertrophic and strength gains but also accentuating eccentric muscle strength. It’s this eccentric muscle strength and repetition variation coupled with the sport specific way in which these guys are using the kit which I believe has transferred into greater performance in their respective sports – wheelchair rugby. With the demands of the game requiring a lot of acceleration, decelerations and changes of direction, this places a huge emphasis on the athletes upper body and limbs to be able to efficiently get around the pitch. By using a flywheel device they are able to replicate the motion of decelerating thus generating huge eccentric forces and it’s this that I believe has been a key factor in enhancing their sporting performance.

I am now going to make it my goal to get up and do some sessions with the guy’s there as often as I can as I believe we can teach each other a lot about each other’s respective experiences.

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Matt Hampson Sport Scientist

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