VertiMax is changing the way athletes and coaches implement resistance training into their programming. Over the last few years, coaches have been implementing VertiMax Raptor's in a variety of ways. For most, the technology fits into their training methodology. After an athlete is taught a key movement and the fundamental movement pattern is established, whether it's a warm-up, a movement progression or a plyometric, Raptor resistance can then be added.

One major benefit of Raptor specific resistance training is now the coach, can well...focus on coaching. Gone are the days of having to stand behind an athlete while holding onto resistance bands. As a coach, you can now step back and work more closely on the athletes mechanics.

Drill #1 - Forward Acceleration Power

Using the Raptor to increase forward acceleration power from a forced deceleration position. This drill transitions to sport well when recovering from contact being forced backward and recovering to go forward full speed.

Drill #2 - Forced Deceleration Into Lateral Acceleration

Raptor assisted forward over speed forcing deceleration then using the resistance load to force power for lateral acceleration.

Drill #3 - Lateral Load

Raptor resistance is added to increase core stability, balance and apply work load to frontal plan of the cycle mechanics of sprinting.

Drill #4 - Ankle Loaded Lateral Deceleration

Ankle loaded Raptor resistance to increase lateral deceleration.

Drill #5 - Over-speed Training

Utilising the Raptors's 20 yard or 40 yard band options provides coaches the ability to work overspeed training into their programme.

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