Your Guide To Flywheel Training; The kPulley Go

Your Guide To Flywheel Training; The kPulley Go

Flywheel training increases the effectiveness of your strength training by applying the inertia of a flywheel instead of simple gravity to create optimal resistance. Whether your goal is to improve athletic performance, prevent or rehabilitate an injury or improve your general health and fitness, flywheel training can get you there.

Your muscles are stronger in the eccentric phase of its motion, but it is difficult to reach your maximal eccentric power in traditional weight training. In flywheel training, you can use Flywheel Technology to achieve eccentric training with overload safely without help. Among the advantages of flywheel training, variable resistance may be the most important, resulting in proven gains. The resistance is also variable between repetitions, and you can easily work maximal repetitions all through the set, increasing your hypertrophic response.

The kPulley Go was developed to help make serious strength training more accessible. It’s Exxentric’s smallest yet most versatile training device to date. Offering smooth and effective strength training, the kPulley Go allows for push and pull, and rotational actions to allow for serious strength training. The neat yet robust design gives you a wide spectrum of movement freedom and a smooth training experience


Not only does flywheel training hold advantages within performance, but it also has practical advantages within a rehabilitation environment. From low force, low-speed training up to high forces, power training and the possibility of everything from pure concentric contractions to eccentric overload. All this provides in a safe, ergonomic and soundless manner with minimal risk of injury and removes the fear factor from a loaded bar.

Check out this study showed a paradigm-shifting increase of 5.5% muscle mass in the thighs in only two weeks of flywheel squatting.

Historically gains in muscle mass has been thought to be a delayed response to chronic training. However, in 2008 Norrbrand et al* showed robust and early gains in muscle mass with flywheel but this is now repeated and shown in the normal vertical squat. On top of that, the gains in muscle mass were accompanied by a 30% increase in force and a 50% increase in concentric and eccentric power over four weeks.

We have been using the KPulley for the last 12months, with the majority of our sports rotational this has been a really useful tool to develop rotational power. We have also seen good performance improvements in change of direction and eccentric strength using it unilaterally in multiple directions.
James Earle, Head of Strenght and Conditioning, Culford School

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