• Here at Perform Better, we believe that education is the environment where students, with the
    support of the school, work to become athletes.
    That’s why Perform Better has an established history of working within education to create facilities
    or environments, that delivers valuable equipment that will meet the needs of the students and
    teaching staff.

  • Providing them with the right equipment is imperative to take them to the next level
    and have a positive impact on engagement and the wellbeing of all students.
    To be successful, careful planning of space and equipment is essential, alongside designing an
    engaging student experience. In partnership with you, we create a bespoke solution that meets your
    needs and appeals to all students.

  • Performance

    The benefits of sports within education have many positive impacts on students including physical fitness, health benefits, cognitive development, personal wellbeing and mental health, and social integration. By partnering together, we plan these steps which enable them to reach their goals and achieve their personal targets, which is our collective mission.

  • Testing and Monitoring

    Our exclusive product portfolio, including world-leading sports science equipment, means that you can test and monitor your students’ digitally like never before. From reaction testing to velocity- based outputs and everything in between, providing trainers and educators with vital information to raise the bar.

  • Recovery

    Our cutting-edge recovery equipment allows you to manage every aspect of your students' training, including rehabilitation. Give their body the best chance to adapt and heal from the physical and mental strain of exercise. Monitor not only performance, but their road to recovery with the use of secure data, ensuring that rehabilitation is complete in a safe and controlled environment.

  • Wellness

    Participating in regular exercise is essential to the wellbeing of all students and contributes to improved academic performance. With unique products that explore more than just physical benefits and have a positive impact on students’ overall health and wellness.

How We Can Help

No project is too big or too small. Our highly experienced team within the education sector will work closely with you to meet your goals and maximise the value of your project. Our dedicated account managers and spatial designers will understand your needs and ambitions, ensuring that the right solution is in place. Offering you the perfect match-up with traditional equipment and sports science equipment, that will make a difference to you and your students.

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