• Perform Better has established close relationships with rehabilitation centres and we work closely together to create facilities that will make a difference. Implementing a cohesive product portfolio that offers both traditional rehabilitation equipment and industry-leading tools that address the patients’ recovery requirements. Providing them with the building blocks to normalise, stabilise and functionalise.

  • Develop them and take them to the next level, to have a positive impact on compliance and wellbeing to achieve progression to their end goal.
    To be successful, careful planning of space and equipment is essential, alongside designing an engaging patient experience. We work closely with you to create a bespoke solution that meets your needs.

  • Rehabilitation/Performance

    The dire physiological impact of a sports recovery can often be worse than the physical injury itself, and many athletes’ resort to unconventional, unproven recovery techniques or return to training too early, leading to further injuries. Industry-leading innovative products that allow for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, to strength and conditioning, to power the body and return to achieving their goals.

  • Testing and Monitoring

    Our exclusive product portfolio including world-leading sports science equipment means that you can test and monitor your patients’ performance manually or digitally. From diagnostic tools that allow you to assess the body with finite detail, to scientifically proven testing and monitoring equipment, finishing with a fully comprehensive management system that records sleep, stress and pain levels.

  • Recovery

    With vast developments in sports science, there are several clinically proven ways an athlete can recover quickly without adverse risks. Perform Better stocks numerous solutions to allow the body to recover in a safe and controlled environment. Our products help to remove the possible fear factor from your patients' recovery process and unlock their potential.

  • Wellness

    Rehabilitation can be both physically and mentally stressful, by adding products to your facility that can positively impact the wellbeing of your patients, can be an important step in their development and progression.

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