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Reaction Ball

These six-sided hard rubber ball is perfect for improving reaction time, hand eye co-ordination, and foot speed.

The path of the ball is not known until it hits the ground or wall.

Has a compact design producing faster, more erratic bounces.

Can be used individually or in group activities.

Safe to use on any surface but will work best on a firm surface and is not designed for use on grass.

Available in 2 Sizes: 6.5cm or 10cm. (While stocks last) 





Reaction Ball

Reaction Ball is a six-sided rubber ball. Designed to be unpredictable when dropped or thrown. Commonly used for hand-eye coordination and agility training across a wide variety of sports. The durable rubber ball is perfect for individual and group training drills.

Not only is this Reaction Ball suitable for elite athletes, it is a vital component of fitness for young athletes and children.

Challenging individuals to develop agility, balance and coordination skills through the use of exciting activities with the reaction ball at the heart of the exercise.

Technical Specification

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

10cm, 6.5cm


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