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Run Rocket

The Run Rocket is the only training equipment that mimics the natural resistance an athlete feels when free running, just amplified. The resistance is linear and completely smooth, with no dangerous pullback. This makes the Run Rocket the ideal tool for training an athlete to boost speed. When you want speed, there is no substitute.

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Is a portable resisted sprinting system which uses fly wheels to create the resistance for the athletes. With the ability to gear through 30 levels of resistance, the run rocket can be tailored to any athletes training requirements to get the best improvements in speed, power and agility. In addition to this, the run rocket can be used to resist during plyometric jumping and/or broad jumping.

The addition of wheels to the run rocket make it a portable system allowing the system to be used during both indoor and outdoor training session. The system includes a disc loading bar to add mass to the frame ensuring stability and minimal movement during training with athletes of larger proportion. The resistance of the run rocket can be toggled using an adjustment knob, this resistance is represented numerically on the display for ease of repeatability.

With a harness of multiple attachment points, the run rocket allows for various pulling points accommodating for various movement patterns of each sport. The tether has a length of 35 meters with an automatic retraction system for ease of function. An athlete can be tethered to more than one Run Rocket to provide lateral resistance or can be used for rotary concentric movements and a large range of other movements.

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“The Run Rocket is the best piece of acceleration equipment in the market today.”
Lance Walker, Head Trainer MJ Performance and former Dallas Cowboys Strength Coach

“Run Rocket is a powerful innovation in sports training technology. It’s so effective, we use it at Michael Johnson Performance to train all our athletes, from youth to professional.”
Michael Johnson, 4 Time Olympic Gold Medalist

“In my 15 years of working with thousands of athletes of almost every sport, I’ve never used a machine that allowed me to train the individual without altering the athletes form, until now with the Run Rocket. I would suggest it to anyone that is trying to improve speed and power yet still respects the importance of correct running form and mechanics.”
Danny Arnold, Director of Operations Plex