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Swift Neo Wireless Timing System

Swift Duo and Neo systems are the latest cutting edge dual beam timing systems combined with a reactive agility module from Swift Performance. The proven reliability and accuracy of the systems combined with the ability to run everything off a single iPad makes the systems very simple
to use.

Unique to the Swift speed system is the ability to run multiple tests at the same time using the ‘multi-zone’ function. Combine tests including agility, linear and jump in one complete circuit whilst being able to track all data at the same time in real time using just one iPad. The Swift multi-zone
function makes it easy to collect data in a team setting.

Custom-designed tripods are permanently attached to NEO devices.  They also have a single lock-in leg position when in use and when finished, fit neatly back in their carry case for wireless recharge. You never have to remove the tripod from the gate, and its the same with reflectors.

  • The system incorporates fully integrated tripods to make setup fast.
  • No tape measure is required for distance set-out
  • Wireless charging
  • Dual beams for accuracy
  • The new MOVE sensor, included in every NEO system, allows you to initiate starts on foot-lift, hand-lift, or first movement.

The Neo 2 System includes:

  • 1 x Zero Sensor with reflector
  • 1 x Duo Timing gate inc tripods and reflector
  • 2 x Qi chargers, 2 x charging sleeves
  • Syncro App
  • Carry case
  • Pacing
  • Depth of turn
  • Time in turn
  • Ultrasonic proximity triggers
  • In case wireless charging
  • Start velocity profile
  • First movement starts




  • Qi wireless charging to make things easier
  • Brighter LED strobes and a louder buzzer for better audio visual feedback for your athlete
  • Smarter alignment process
  • Over the air Bluetooth firmware updates
  • First Movement starting
  • Setup gates without a tape measure (for linear tests up to 20m max in ideal conditions)
  • Depth of turn measurement
  • Gate proximity trigger
  • Change of direction and decision drills
  • Programmable gate actions
  • Custom drill designer
  • Pacing
  • Athlete path estimation
  • Real-time direction decision by coach

The Duo and Neo systems include a number of features:

• Dual beam, for the most reliable timing available
• Laser alignment spot for easy gate setup
• Synchro drag and drop test designer
• Wifi connection directly to the gates with no hubs or routers
• Wireless charging by putting the wireless charging sleeve over the gate
• 8 hour battery life
• Multi lane testing
• Digital output for video analysis system synchronisation

A new dimension in speed testing and training

NEO has a proximity sensor that allows you to trigger an action on ANY gate when the athlete reaches a custom preset distance from the target gate.
Point the sensor to the rear, when an athlete is doing an out and return and measure depth of the turn.
Uses both Ultrasonic sensor and dual beam sensors to measure the time the athlete spends in the turn.
NEO systems all have a MOVE sensor, for first movement starts. If you are doing Force Velocity Profile measurements, this is a must have.

• The new MOVE sensor not only has all the functions of the ZERO ground start sensor but because an ultrasonic sensor is included, you can now detect the first movement of the athletes torso to generate a start signal.
• Begins timing from the moment MOVE detects the athlete’s centre of mass has moved
• MOVE is the ultimate in starting technology
• Simple, precise and easy to use
• MOVE is placed on a tripod behind the athlete, where it watches for the first movement to ensure the most accurate starts.
• Are you looking at Force Velocity Profile? MOVE makes it possible.

Both systems can be run as stand alone systems with the new free SYNCHRO App which allows users to add athlete profiles and create their own custom test protocols. In addition there is also a Cloud service Swift Labs with two levels of subscription – Expert and Pro (please call for pricing).

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