How To Apply Kinesiology Tape

How To Apply Kinesiology Tape
All you need is a sharp pair of scissors. Learn how to apply Kinesiology Tape using the Neutral or Stretch techniques without touching the glue for longer lasting applications.



  • The NEUTRAL technique is used to create small lifts in the skin over a large surface area.

  • This is predominately used for muscle strains and tightness.

  • Stretch the MUSCLE but not the tape.

  • Rip the backing paper at both ends.

  • Stick the whole length of tape down without stretching it.


  • The STRETCH technique is used over specific points of pain.

  • This creates the greatest possible skin lift on that area, reducing pressure on the pain receptors and relieving pain.

  • Rip the backing paper at both ends.

  • Remove the centre section of backing paper.

  • Use the tabs at each end to stretch the centre of the tape and apply over a point of pain.


  • REMOVE the tape by stretching the skin underneath.

  • Peel the tape with the direction of any hair.

  • Round the edges to prevent fraying or catching on clothes.

Remember to seek medical advice first and whether you’re a seasoned taping pro or a first time taper, always fully assess before applying.

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