kPulley2 launched by Perform Better UK

kPulley2 launched by Perform Better UK
Perform Better are pleased to announce the launch of the new kPulley2 to the UK and Ireland.

The kPulley2 is the revolutionary flywheel training solution enabling users to enhance their strength through rotational and pull exercises but also push and lower limb exercises.

The kPulley2 comes with a built-in kMeter II feedback system and the versatile wall mounted design allows for the height of the attachment point to be quickly adjusted, almost from floor to roof for a variety of movements.

The key benefits of the kPulley2 include; you work against the variable inertia of steel flywheels, instead of being limited by the direction of gravity when lifting weights. It is renowned for its genial application of eccentric overload in regular training as well as its variable resistance, both backed by growing scientific support.

The kPulley2 is a versatile multi-purpose training device, for exercises training both upper body, core and lower body. Its kMeter app-based wireless feedback system can be used to measure and save actual power output and more.

Perform Better are the official supplier of the KPulley2 in the UK and Ireland, and have a specialist team of Sports Scientists on hand to provide demonstrations and deeper insight into the benefits of flywheel training.

Perform Better are the UK’s most innovative supplier of Performance Monitoring and Training Equipment specialising in meeting the needs of the Professional Sports and University markets in the UK and Europe.

Click here for more on The kPulley2 or email our team on or call 01926 813916

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