Pro Motus, Italy

Pro Motus is a state-of-the-art training centre in Bolzano, Italy and includes a sports-medicine clinic, physiotherapy studios, sport-science testing lab and large training area.

The Company’s mission is to become a platform to share the latest scientific knowledge in sport and exercise sciences and to create a training environment where people of all athletic levels and extractions can receive the highest standard of support.

The Equipment

Performance Power Rack

Integrated Platform

Adjustable Flat to Incline Bench

Two Infinity Rigs Wall Mounted

Single Leg Squat Stand/Hip Thruster Attachment

Powerbags / Wall Balls / Medicine Balls / Storage Racks

Dumbbells / Kettlebells / Storage Racks

Foam Plyometric Box Set

Bosu Balance Trainer / Storage Rack

Airex Balance Pad Elite

TRX Suspension Trainer

Trainer Ropes / Mini Bands

Premium Chrome Bar / Rubber Bumper Discs

Occlusion Cuff

Hex Bar

Aerobic Mats

"Pro Motus was designed from the start to be a high-performance centre that could provide the best service and training to top-level athletes from different sports. From strength and conditioning, to sports medicine and biomechanical testing, the goal is to enable every athlete that walks into our centre to reach their full potential and excel in their discipline. The concept has always been to create a space where training, rehabilitation and testing blended seamlessly into a single multi-faceted approach. Perform Better has been instrumental in creating such an environment every step of the way. Their thorough knowledge of technical solutions, current industry innovations and practical experience was invaluable in designing a space that is not only functional, but also has a high-quality feel and visual element to it."

Fabio Saviozzi, Pro Motus

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