GB Basketball Using Catapult Technology

26th July 2016



Great Britain Basketball was one of the first countries to start using Catapult Technology to monitor their players. Tom Mockford- who was Head of Sports Science at GB Basketball- had used GPS in previous roles in Professional Football Clubs and felt there was a lot of potential to use the Technology in Basketball to monitor load in both matches and training. Being an indoor sport means that the units can’t pick up a GPS signal to allow distance and speed to be monitored- but the 3d accelerometers allow the system to monitor both Player Load and IMA(Inertial Movement Analysis) which allows measurement of the micro movements in court sports such as Basketball. In addition, the units will collect heart rate date to enable coaches to look at both internal and external loads on players. IMA is one of Catapult’s many validated parameters and is being used increasingly in other teams sports such as Rugby and Football to look at specific movement patterns of players.

Imagery took from the Telegraph:

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