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GymAware Cloud Software (annual licence)

The GymAware Cloud software is a subscription option which gives extended features and extensive web-based analysis, accessible features depending on what level of software you purchase. For sports professionals who want instant analysis so they can make immediate decisions and allow you to work with squads of athletes and keep a record of your performance measures. The three software options available are:

  • Teams
  • Cloud Teams
  • Cloud Pro




GymAware software options are built upon the basic GymAware system which allows:

  • Real-time Feedback
  • Bar Path Display
  • Over 260 Exercises
  • Base Metrics
  • Velocity Targets
  • Rep Level Display

Depending on which level of software you need will depend on which additional benefits you receive. Including functions such as printable reports, In App/Online Leaderboards, Video Mode and secure device storage.

Define your needs and use one of the GymAware software options to provide a long-term perspective on your rosters and athlete’s performance.

To get started purchase GymAware Cloud software. We will configure your account and email you the login details which you can then enter into the Cloud login section on the App.

Dr Bryan Mann MS, PhD, CSCS Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning, University of Missouri. Velocity Based Training

Madeline Black Bachelor of Sport Coaching and Exercise Science Reliability and validity of GymAware.

Mladen Jovanovic Strength & Conditioning Coach, Port Adelaide FC.Using load-velocity relationship in predicting 1RMs

Mladen Jovanovic Strength & Conditioning Coach, Port Adelaide FC. GymAware 1RM calculation

Kristie Taylor Sport Scientist (PhD), Strength & Conditioning Coach, Fatigue and Training – Responses

Kristie Taylor Sport Scientist (PhD), Strength & Conditioning Coach, Monitoring Neuromuscular Fatigue

Brendyn Appleby – Assistant S&C Coach, Emirates Western Force ASCA Level 3 Master Coach:
Comparing sets online with GymAware Pro
Rehabilitation and Injury Reduction
Medium and Long Term Analysis
LPT Basics Part 1
LPT Basics Part 2
The LPT On the Floor Part 1 – Setting up for Daily Monitoring
The LPT On the Floor Part 2 – Motivate, Educate and Monitor

“In the highly competitive world of elite sport, the Gymaware Power Testing System is a vital tool for giving sports professionals within the EIS network the information we need. The interface to iPhone and iPad makes it simple, quick and highly portable- EIS have found it perfect for quick tests and travelling teams.”
Director of Performance Solutions, English Institute of Sport.

“The lack of objective feedback meant all lifting is based on what you see as a coach and what you feel as an athlete which are both massively important. I constantly use objective information from GymAware to track performance, training stimulus and to create competition. GymAware is easy to use, reliable, and effective.”
Nick Gill- Head Strength & Conditioning Coach- All Blacks Rugby.

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