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OptoJump Jump Testing

Optojump is an optical measurement system consisting of a transmitting and receiving bar. Each of these contains 96 leds (1.0416cm resolution). The leds on the transmitting bar communicate continuously with those on the receiving bar. The system detects any interruptions in communication between the bars and calculates their duration.

This makes it possible to measure flight and contact times during the performance of a series of jumps with an accuracy of 1/1000 of a second. Starting from these fundamental basic data, the dedicated software makes it possible to obtain a series of parameters connected to the athlete’s performance with the maximum accuracy and in real time.

The absence of moving mechanical parts ensures accuracy and greater reliability.




The single metre

In this configuration Optojump makes it possible to perform jump tests, reaction tests and running tests (if mounted on a treadmill). The data that can be obtained are:

  • contact times
  • flight times
  • reaction time to a sound/visual impulse
  • elevation of centre of gravity
  • specific power (W/kg)
  • frequency
  • energy expended (J)

Thanks to these data and video analysis, the operator quickly evaluates the athlete’s explosive and elastic force and tolerance of different kinds of effort, and his/her posture and technique. Moreover, the possibility of performing reaction tests, configuring them freely, makes it possible to compare the results of tests performed in normal situations with those obtained under stress.

In addition, if mounted on a treadmill, Optojump also generates data analysis of running or walking, helping to improve technique and preventing injury. Using Optojump on a treadmill is ideal for rehabilitation and with the use of Polar Heart Rate Monitors, cardio can also be monitored as well as running analysis, capturing data alongside each other.

The single metre can be powered by both battery (about 8 hours’ autonomous use) and from the mains.

Optojump can easily be placed on the side of any treadmill for walking or running analysis. A single bar will be long enough to cover strides on standard sized treadmills. On treadmills with larger beds a second bar can be used. The system will allow you to analyse: stride length, contact time, cadence, acceleration and gait cycle amongst many other parameters.

The system includes a webcam and tripod to allow video analysis while subjects are being tested. A second webcam can be added to allow video from two angles. In addition high speed cameras can be used to obtain higher definition footage.

Optojump may be used in combination with the Witty Timing system. The photocells allow for extremely accurate and reliable timing, acting as both the start and stop impulses for running a test. Multiple gates can be added to get intermediate times along with the range of parameters fed back by the Optojump modular system.

PC requirements:

Operator System: Microsoft XP
Harddisk: 40GB
Graphic Board: Intergrated
Display: 1024×600
USB ports: 2

“We have been using Optojump for the last four years at UK Athletics, as part of our daily biomechanical support to elite athletes, across all event groups. Optojump is a reliable and invaluable tool used to provide real time objectivity to running characteristics within technical sessions.”
Dr Paul Brice – Consultant Biomechanist, UK Athletics.

Download the Optojump brochure

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