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TMR (Tirante Musculador Ruf) Belt

TMR (Tirante Musculador Ruf) Belt

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TMR Original, Medic and Home editions.

The TMR (Tirante Musculador Ruf) Belt is a device that can be anchored to a wall, tree, lamppost, fence, etc. allowing you to perform both static and dynamic workouts of both the flexor and the extensor muscles of the hip and legs.

Is a simple belt that allows you to anchor the calf and leave the body hanging with the centre of gravity far from the fulcrum of the knee and thus increasing the overload.

With this kind of work-out the muscular tension is high and the whole muscular chain acts; there is a participation of the antagonists and fixators muscles and the overload on the central core is much lower.

The researchers of the effects of training with TMR on force, state that their effect are similar that obtained with traditional weights. Experimental studies about the effects in the force improvement with TMR has been published along with studies like (March, Padullés et. Al., 2004) comparing the electromyography response between the work with traditional squats and squats using TMR.

MAIN BENEFITS OF USING TMR (Tirante Musculador Ruf) Belt

  1. Exercise done by muscle stretching (Eccentric) = improved flexibility

  2. The work-out has eccentric predominance and that increase muscle tension, gaining a greater strength and elasticity.

  3. After 6 weeks of daily training with TMR, an increase of the strength of the patellar tendon can be seen.

  4. When we train with it, we do an eccentric muscular training useful in the prevention of pathologies like the osteoarthritis and with demonstrated efficacy in the management of orthopaedic dysfunctions, injuries and chronic diseases of the lower body

  5. Its use also helps the reinforcement of the structures that empowers the articular stability, improving the shock absorption during actions like walking, running or jumping, and it helps to slow bone stress and cartilage wear that can cause joint damage.

  6. Doing a TMR training method will help prevent injuries in bi-joint muscles. It’s an easy and simple device to take anywhere.

Classical Squat TMR Squat
50% de 1RM* Without load
60% de 1RM* 10 Kg
70% de 1RM* 20 Kg
*Maximum repetition

The conclusions reached in that investigation were that there was a little difference in electromyography response (EMG) between the two types of work-out. I can be seen that the electrical muscular activation obtained from TMR squat without load and with loads of 10-20 Kg correspond to those done at 50, 60 and 70% of 1RM.
The benefits of working with TMR to achieve similar effects are indisputable. The backs bear less weight than in a classical squat (more than 10 times that of a TMR Squat), minimising the risk of injuries and avoiding unnecessary fatigue.

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