Optimise Your Tennis Performance: On-Court Strength and Conditioning With The Vertimax Raptor

Optimise Your Tennis Performance: On-Court Strength and Conditioning With The Vertimax Raptor

Tennis is a physically demanding sport that requires a combination of strength, speed, power, endurance, agility, and coordination. Strength training is an essential component in any tennis player’s training program, and it can have a significant impact on their on-court performance.

Focus On Strength Training

Some benefits of strength training include improved physical fitness, shot execution and power, endurance, focus and injury prevention.

Incorporating elements of a strength and conditioning session on the court can have several benefits on performance and psychological factors for tennis players, including:

Improved physical fitness - Tennis demands a blend of strength, speed, power, endurance, agility, and coordination. By integrating strength and conditioning components directly on the court, players can enhance each of these physical qualities, ultimately transforming themselves into fitter, more athletic and agile when on the court.

Injury prevention - By incorporating strength and conditioning exercises on the court, players can work on their mobility, stability, and strength, which can help prevent injuries and improve overall resilience.

Improved shot selection and execution - Being stronger makes it easier to execute shots with more power and accuracy. Greater strength means players are better able to maintain their technique and focus for longer periods of time, which can lead to better shot selection and execution.

Improved focus - Tennis is a mentally challenging sport, and players who are physically fit and strong are better able to withstand the physical and mental demands of the game. Incorporating strength and conditioning exercises on the court can help improve focus and confidence.

Banded resistance training is one of the perfect training modalities to help bring elements of strength and conditioning sessions onto the court. However, conventional banded resistance training, albeit it does incorporate these key elements, can be considered suboptimal and unreliable due to the lack of control over specific variables, including the coach's strength, the elasticity of the band, the need for consistent resistance, energy levels etc.


How To Make Banded Resistance Training Effective 

The VertiMax Raptor represents the ultimate advancement in resistance band training. The lightweight Raptor unit is a portable resistance training system. A banded device that incorporates the patented VertiMax Elastic Training Technology, it offers a revolutionary approach to developing athletic speed and strength. It works to increase fast twitch muscle power whilst reducing response times, making it the perfect tennis tool.

The Raptor can be quickly attached to a fence or portable mounting device in less than two minutes. It can also be attached to a rack or wall. This provides coaches with the ability to apply consistent horizontal loads for improved strength, endurance, and agility conditioning.

This cutting-edge system revolutionises on-court training exercises, enhancing the effectiveness in building strength and endurance in players. This is thanks to its unique design that provides smooth resistance in any direction for any exercise, allowing players to perform real tennis movements under resistance.

Here are some benefits of using the Raptor system to incorporate elements of strength and conditioning sessions into your on-court training sessions.
Powerful, Explosive Training

Unlike regular bands that exhibit rapid resistance changes within small movements (over 500% variance), VertiMax employs a mechanical pulley system that ensures consistent resistance. By compacting the bands, the Raptor eliminates the varying resistance and allows for consistent, explosive training.

Greater Stability

While longer bands offer stable resistance, they are often impractical due to space constraints. With the innovative VertiMax design, the beneficial stretch characteristics of long bands are harnessed without requiring excessive space. By folding bands with tension into a compact box using the pulley system, the Raptor provides consistent resistance whether your player stands 2m away or 25m away.

Advanced Non-Varying Resistance

Relatively non-varying resistance over short or medium ranges, enabling users to reach higher speeds by delaying resistance increases. Allow for new training modalities to be implemented for neurological stabilisation, as players can walk, run and jump without radical resistance level changes.

It also provides smooth resistance in any direction for any exercise, and resistance can be applied to multiple extremities on users.

To be competitive, your tennis training must improve key fitness variables; let’s look at how the Raptor can help:

Agility and Speed

Tennis games are extremely fast-paced. Your player needs to have lightning-quick reactions and improved agility skills. The sport requires players to make split-second decisions and then have the ability to transfer quickly into action.

The Raptor gives players the ability to train as they normally would on the court but with added resistance that can give them a competitive advantage. When a drill is ‘Sport-Specific’ or as close to the sport as possible, added resistance can take players to levels above what they can achieve on the court. Players can continue accelerating for longer distances and achieve higher resistance training velocities which lead to increased speed strength.

Increased speed-strength means players will be able to create the additional force necessary to perform rapid acceleration, deceleration, and make competitive moves at much higher velocities than other players.

Vertimax provides superior training by loading on the horizontal plane to develop dynamic, multi-planar (3D) stability, which is a critical foundation for supporting agility performance. It also allows for resistance in all planes of motion.


Your players' power and velocity are directly responsible for how fast they can hit a ball and how high they can jump.

By increasing the power of their shots, they can put more pressure on their opponents and control the game's pace. Additionally, power training can improve their ability to change directions quickly on the court, which is essential for returning difficult shots whilst maintaining balance and control to win points.

Moreover, power training can improve players' vertical and lateral jumps, which are essential for helping them move round the court with ease. Power training can enhance overall efficiency on the court or field, enabling players to accelerate quickly and maintain their speed throughout the game. By developing greater strength and explosiveness, your players improve their agility and endurance, making them a more competitive player.

Incorporating added resistance only makes players train harder and, in turn improve further. The constant resistance from the VertiMax Raptor enables the full motion of the exercise to be resisted – which is only an advantage over others that don’t have the capacity to do this.

In tennis, strength is required to create a robust body. Due to the repetitive use of maximal power output and high forces that are placed on a tennis players during training or games, they are susceptible to injury in three primary locations:

  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Knee

By using the appropriate strength training exercises for tennis, the muscles around these joints can be strengthened and help lessen the likelihood of injuries.
The VertiMax Raptor enables players to train at high velocity with a light load, making it the ideal training method for increasing high-velocity strength. By incorporating VertiMax into training routines, players can achieve significant gains in speed and overall athletic performance.

Anaerobic And Aerobic Fitness

Tennis places intense strain on the anaerobic system as gameplay requires players to work in intermittent bursts of power and speed. Tennis training must include components to improve both anaerobic and aerobic performance. This means being able to increase VO2max and overall cardiovascular fitness.

Anaerobic and aerobic training would be similar to power - by developing greater strength and explosiveness, you can improve players' agility and endurance, making you a competitive athlete.



To maximise tennis performance, a versatile training tool is indispensable. With the Raptor System, coaches can incorporate sports-specific movements while adding resistance, closely mimicking the biomechanics used during actual gameplay. The design of the Raptor enables the system to be attached to multiple extremities, allowing players to train different movement proportions simultaneously and replicate tennis actions under resistance with a full range of motion.

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