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Skydive Matt Hampson

Perform Better’s Director Raising Funds for The Matt Hampson Foundation

Perform Better’s Director of Sales & Marketing, Gary Oleinik,...

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Free Weights Or Machines

Should you Work Out With Free Weights Or Machines?

If you walk into any gym today, you’ll see...

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Stocking Fillers

PB Stocking Fillers

  It’s that time of year again when we...

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Hypervolt Plus

CrossFitters and Runners Need This New Handheld Massager

You loved the Hyperice Hypervolt so much that it...

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active recovery

4 types of active recovery to try on your non-workout days

WHILE it’s true that your body needs to rest...

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website homepage

Perform Better launches new website homepage

New website homepage launched by Perform Better in November...

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Fitness trends

Fitness Trends for 2020

Regular gym goers will already be familiar with these...

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SkiErg: the full body cardio machine to start using in your gym sessions

People tend to hit up either the treadmill or bike...

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Free Weights

8 Benefits of Doing Free Weights Exercises

Lifting free weights is the surest way to strengthen...

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Recovery Vyper 2.0

The Best Workout Recovery Gear

Giving your body sufficient time to recover helps replenish...

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